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About Us

Life is full of challenges. From the little things like avoiding the urge to press the snooze button for just five more minutes or getting stuck in traffic when you’re already late, to the bigger things like anxiety, depression, and trauma. Often, we carry these things, both big and small, silently doing our best even on the hardest days. Over time, those things add up and begin to weigh us down – we get caught in a cycle of taking one step forward just to take two steps back.

Here at Relevé Counseling we want to help you break that cycle.

Relevé Counseling treats people, not symptoms. Our therapists have a holistic approach that will help you define your goals, enhance your coping skills, and ensure that you can rise to meet all of the challenges life may throw your way.

Relevé is a dance term meaning "rise." Our founder’s love for dance fused with her passion for helping others and became the foundation for Relevé Counseling. Relevé is the core of our mission, to help others rise to a better place today than they were yesterday. Let us help you “rise to your potential.”

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