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You're single to end 2022? That's ok and it doesn't mean you're alone

New Year’s celebrations are synonymous with couples kissing. While it’s a great time for couples to set goals for their relationships, it can feel isolating for those entering 2023 solo.

“You see all the happy couples or new couples on television, they do the kissing thing at midnight, it can be really hard to not have that,” said Relevé Counseling therapist, Alex Gonzalez.

Pictures and videos on social media can reinforce those negative feelings too. However, it doesn’t always tell the whole story.

“That’s the best moment that they have, that they are having right now. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t really tell you what’s underneath it. Just be cognizant of that.”

Also be aware that not being in a relationship doesn’t mean you are actually alone for the holiday.

“Reach out to family. Reach out to friends. Reach out to support people during that time.”

The new year means a fresh start. You don’t have to define yourself on your relationship status. Use this opportunity to set your own goals for 2023 and try your best to achieve them.


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