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Mental Health Therapy is a Judgment Free Zone

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Being judged is one of the biggest reasons people choose not to get mental health therapy.

“One of the most important things for me in a therapy session is trust,” said Jessica Olmo. “I am here… in a judgment free zone in order to be able to help.”

Some therapists will tell you how they feel right off the bat. Others may quietly listen. Each approach is not meant to be judgmental.

However, if you feel a therapist is judging you, bring it up during your session.

“I like to tell my clients that nothing they say is going to offend me. I am very open, but also being open to the fact that I may not be the right therapist for everyone.”

All of the therapists at Relevé Counseling are very understanding and empathetic. Their mission is to be there for anyone who comes in seeking help.

“The foundation for a therapist and patient relationship focuses on communication and honesty,” said Alex Gonzalez. “Speak your words because those are important. If you can be honest with a therapist and be willing to take feedback, willing to work toward change, that really is what it’s made of.”

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