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Back to School Anxiety Pt. I: Recognizing the Signs

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

One in six children struggle with back to school anxiety, that's why it's important for parents and their children to prepare for the first day by recognizing the signs and learning ways to manage their anxiety throughout the year.

"Back to school anxiety is a very normal feeling," said Jessica Olmo. "Any changes in your life bring upon different anxieties and different good and bad feelings."

For a lot of kids, the first day of school is an opportunity to see old friends or make new ones. But, it’s not always easy. Some younger kids visibly or physically show their discomfort by crying or refusing to go into the classroom. However, some of the signs are not always so easy to spot.

“Some children are better about separation and some children are not.”

But, when does a reasonable amount of worry become more problematic?

“It depends on the age of the kids, but a lot of times it will present itself as a bad mood or in younger kids, it could be behavior issues … anything that’s kind of out of the norm for your child.”

Other signs to watch out for include:

  • Continually seeking reassurance

  • Increased physical concerns

  • Sleep disruption

  • Avoidance

“Change is something we all go through and learn how to manage in our own ways, and also sometimes with extra support."

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