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Benefits of Having a Male Therapist

Many people may not feel comfortable with having a male therapist. Overcoming this narrative may actually be hugely beneficial in your mental health journey.

“Gender doesn’t necessarily have to come into play," said Joanna de Leon, Owner/Clinical Supervisor of Relevé Counseling. "They may have had negative experiences with males in their life ... and find it difficult to open up to a male therapist.”

Each individual’s experiences are unique and each client might have a different reason to avoid a male therapist. Sometimes, though, it might actually be more beneficial to challenge this notion.

“If you can change what you’re thinking, you can change how you feel. Sometimes, exposing yourself to an uncomfortable situation is part of the growing and healing process.”

It’s important to know when seeking therapy, therapists are not there to judge you. Try to keep an open mind when you’re looking for a therapist.

“Our job as a therapist is to connect with our clients and develop rapport and help them challenge ideas that they may have held onto their whole life that are keeping them from moving forward.”


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